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On Display

On Display Topic, HansTools team provides solutions for every kind of retail display need, from simple and elegant shelf brackets to something more involved like a full-blown modular fixture system. Whichever solution you choose, Display will work with you to develop and assemble products that are attractive, easy to use, durable, and secure. With Display on your team, you can afford to focus on what matters most: providing truly world-class customer service.
Display Solutions
Display Solutions
Display Solutions
HansTools- Poland
Display Solutions
Display Solutions
HansTools Shop in DongGuan, PRC

Display Stands for Socket Wrench Set

Socket Rack With Clamp
Nickel Plated Made for Socket Set
Socket Clip One Piece
For Individual Socket Hanger

Socket Rack (Plastic and Nickel Plated made) provides an easy way to organize all your socket drives. Clips and rails are made of nickel plated steel for strength and longevity. With a convenient carrying handle and easy-to-use rail designs, you can mount your rack anywhere with ease. The specially designed clips hold your sockets tightly with exactly the right tension for secure mounting and easy removal. Your rack fits neatly into your toolbox for easy storage, or you can choose to mount it on a wall.

Socket Rack- (Plastic Made)
Socket Rack Made by Plastic
Steel Metal Case for Sockets
Steel Metal Made Case
46139 Packing Blister Card in 2005
Packing Design: 1998˜2005
On Display
1997 Old Time Advertisement

Screwdriver Packing Options and On Display

On display
HansTools- Bulgaria
Screwdriver Set in PVC Tube
Plastic Tube Cover
Packing details from the factory of HansTools
TPV Case - Octagonal handle
Screwdriver Set in Paper Box- Octagonal Handle
Screwdriver- Paper Box(Design:2006˜2020)
Screwdriver Set in Acrylic Display Stand
Screwdriver in acrylic made rack
Screwdriver Set in Steel Display Stand
Screwdriver in Steel Made Rack
On Display

Wrench Roll Pouch in Hanging on the display stand, which can be also a trend to showing space for visitors and end-users to make them selection in store.
Photo credit: Stankoimport

HansTools team has created most likely as many as packing solutions to support global distributions and dealerships to performing its shop and store to impressed each local visitors and loyal customer which also presets its decent quality and better performance which we have dedicated into since 1973. Please see the showroom in HansTools Taiwan Head office, Taichung City through 720º virtual reality video.

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