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Wrenches are a multipurpose tool that can be used for everything from bike repairs to Automobile, Aviation, Machinery repair maintenance. There are two types of wrenches: open-end and box end. An open-ended wrench features an end that is rounded while a box-ended wrench features a flat end. There are many different varieties of open-end and ring wrenches/Box Wrenches including ratcheting, adjustable wrench/crescent, Slogging- slugging-striking, combination, impact, torque and socket wrench set.

Loosening and tightening nuts and bolts can be difficult, especially under hard-to-reach places. Ratcheting wrenches/ Ratchets Handle help to solve this problem by using a catch-and-release bar that turns the nut or bolt in a single direction without you needing to remove your wrench and replace it again. With its tapering jaws designed for easy turning, a ratchet wrench is an essential part of any tool chest.

Socket Wrench Set
Socket Wrench Set/ Combo Set

Socket wrench set comes with a variety of sockets and tools. These specific wrenches help you remove and put on nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. In addition to the wrenches, you also get a holder for storage, or a carrying case with space for stacking or organizing individual sockets.
Not everyone is an expert when it comes to tools, and that’s why you should purchase a socket set. There are so many different types, after all, so it just makes sense not to try and buy them separately. Even though you can purchase the individual bits for each one, the whole set can be found for the same amount of money, and that way you will be ready for anything .

One of the most popular features within the socket wrench set are the wide assortment of bits accompanying the smaller ratcheting socket wrench.

1161 Combination Wrench
1161M Combination Wrench

Wrenches are an essential part of any tool box. Each type of wrench is designed for a specific application, so you need to have the right size and style of wrench on hand. Wrenches come in three major types — standard open-end, adjustable, and ratcheting. The most common type of wrench is the standard open-end wrench.

Adjustable Wrench/Spanner

adjustable spanner, also known as a crescent wrench or a socket wrench, is a type of wrench that can be adjusted to fit different sizes. This gives the tool more versatility. There are many different types, but the most common is one that adjusts by turning the handle with your hand.

1170- Gate-Open Adjustable Wrench
1170- Gate-Open Adjustable Wrench
1994 Pipe Wrench
1994- Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a type of wrench that is used on pipes. Wrenches come in many shapes and sizes, but pipe wrenches are most often used on threaded pipes. Most pipes are made from galvanized steel, black iron, or similar metal. The two serrated jaws of the pipe wrench tighten and grip these pipes.
A pipe wrench is an adjustable wrench that is used on pipes. It has two serrated jaws for gripping the pipe with.

1335 Universal T-Wrench with Magnetic Spark Plug
1420M-Socket T-Wrench (Ball Swivel)
1310M- Deep Socket T-Wrench

Users should ensure that they are using the right tool. T-socket wrench and rail wrenches are used to tighten or loosen railway bolts or nuts, but the user can alter the instructions on their use — in short, users need to be careful to not use a T-socket on a rail wrench, for example, as this would damage the final product.

1477 L-Shape Socket Wrench
Hollow and Deep Socket Wrench
Double Open End Gear Ring Wrench
72 teeth Gears in all series
1165FM/FA- Open-End Gear Ring Wrench- Flex-Joint
1165FM/FA- Open-End Gear Ring Wrench- Flex Joint
1165FM/FA- Open-End Gear Ring Wrench- Flex Joint

What is a Gear Ring Wrench?

Gear+Wrench, the leading brand of ratcheting wrenches, has been around for a long time. A ratcheting wrench allows you to tighten or loosen bolts, nuts and other items quickly. This particular wrench is unique because it functions like both a combination wrench and a socket wrench all in one.
The Gear Ring Wrench is a multi-use ratcheting wrench that can fit both standard and metric bolts. With a single wrench, you can loosen or tighten both types of bolts on a vehicle. The ratcheting handle allows for both left and right turns, and the relative profile allows for precise handling.
Gear Ring Wrench and Open Ring Wrench are both precision engineered wrenches for your toolbox or on the go. They allow you to quickly change sockets and sockets can be used for a wide range of fasteners (nuts, bolts, machine screws). You simply turn the wrench to tighten or loosen the connection between two fastening devices (called the “load”) such as nuts and bolts.

Gear Ring Wrench Reversible Button
Gear Ring with Reversible Function
1110E-Star Dual Flat Ring wrench
E-Star Ring Wrench
1110E-Star Dual Flat Ring Wrench

Ring wrenches are less likely to loosen once they’ve been twisted onto the fastener because they sit flush against the fastener from all sides. This not only allows for wider rotations, but also provides a wider contact area than open-ended wrenches. A typical ring wrench size is 12-points, so-called because it has 12 points and troughs. 12-point profiles allow wrenches to more easily lock onto fasteners in a smaller space than a 6-point (hexagonal) profile does, which allows for greater tightening. Hexagonal fasteners can only be used with 6-point wrenches, while 12-point wrenches can be used on either hexagonal or square bolts. Other profiles are available but they tend to only be used for one application. E-Star Wrench is another option for the customers to make it select on Ring Wrench category.

So what’s so special about ring wrenches? The most common profile is 12 points, followed by 6 points (hexagonal), which differs from 12-point wrenches only in that there are 6 points instead of 12. These profiles allow for different shapes of nuts, specifically e-star and square. Other profiles exist, but they tend to be specialized for one job.

11631M- Single Offset Combination Wrench (12 Point)
12 Pans OFFSET

Offset wrenches are a type of wrench that is designed to be used in confined, flat, or obstructed spaces. They have a bend on each end, which makes them much more versatile than a standard wrench. These are most often used if you can’t reach all the bolts with a socket or standard wrench, since they can go deep into spaces. Why do I use an offset wrench? They allow me to use a wrench in confined spaces where I might not be able to swing a regular one. If I don’t have any space constraints, using an offset wrench decreases the overall swing needed.

1101M/A- Double Ring Wrench 45° Offset (German Type)
1108M Half-Moon Ring Wrench

Can be Striking Wrench- (1511E and 1561M) For MAN, DAF and SAF

1511E, 1511M Slogging wrench
1474DH-16- 4 Way Lug Wrench (Heavy Duty)

The drop-forged chrome plated steel lug wrench is built to fit multiple lug nut sizes and tighten or loosen stubborn bolts. The 4-way lug wrench fits 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 32mm, and 38 mm bolts. The lug wrench comes with multiple heads for a variety of tasks you may face while driving. 4 Ways Lug Way Wrench also names Cross Wrench

1474D/1476D- 4 Way Lug Wrench

Impact Wrench in General operating by air compressed

impact wrench
Please Check with Air Pneumatic Information

Torque Wrench in category from HansTools:

torque wrench- digital torque wrench
Ball-Point and Hex-Key Wrench
Holey Star Key Wrench

What’s the point of a ball-point wrench?

The ball end allows you to slide the key into the receiving slot — it makes reaching into tight or hard-to-reach areas much easier. With a ball-point, you can reach an offset 25 degree angle so that you can feel your way to the needed position much faster — great for blind or difficult-to-reach areas.

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Hex-Key Wrench

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