1930U-9-非绝缘端子压线钳 Crimping Plier for uninsulated Terminals

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1930U-9-非绝缘端子压线钳 Crimping Plier for Non-insulated Terminals

  • Pince à cosses non-isolées
  • Szczypce do zaciskania nieizolowanych końcówek
  • Crimpzange für unisolierte Kabelschuhe
  • Alicate de cables coaxiales no aislados
  • كماشة العقص للمحطات غير المعزولة
  • คีมย้ำสำหรับขั้วต่อที่ไม่มีฉนวน
  • 非絕緣端子壓線鉗
  • Heavy Duty Type, Cr-Mo. dies
  • Pliers and their Uses- (A-E)
  • Handle Introduction- (Plier, Torque Wrench/ Wrench)


  • Non-insulated terminals are simple tin-plated copper connectors typically used on the top of the gas tank to allow for quick charging and easy refueling. This type of non-insulated terminal is one piece only, and is designed to be used on gas tanks that are not expected to be touched or accessed frequently.
What is a crimping plier?
Crimping Plier is a device used to deform and create a connection.
  • Crimping is commonly used in electrical work, to attach wires together or wire to other connectors This hand crimper is best suited for insulated nylon terminals.
  • It comes with a ratchet mechanism that allows you to do a complete cycle of the handles until they release automatically to hold them in place.
  • You can then insert the wires into the terminal. It also has an adjustable star wheel that lets you adjust the crimp force depending on your crimping project.
  • You can open the crimper jaws in any position thanks to the quick release lever.
  • The ergonomic, cushioned, non-slippery handles were designed to ensure strong grips in any condition. These handles are designed for 22-10 AWG wire and are comfortable to use.

24R0M-Surface Hand Socket (Manual)- 1/4" Drive
90.5~1.5 mm2 (AWG 20-16)
2.5 mm2 (AWG 14)
4~6 mm2 (AWG 12-10)